Monday, June 24, 2013

Our Week in Western New York

Now that I know that I can get my blog printed in a book, I'm determined to update more.  I haven't scrapbooked in forever.  Maybe this will be a good way to document our lives.  

We got back yesterday from a week in NY.  The original plan was to fly in on Father's Day and surprise my dad and then stay through my brother's graduation.  The surprise element got ruined the day before we arrived which was kind of okay since we had just been there about 3 days before.  Talk about anti-climactic!

I always seem to think that 7AM flights are a good idea when I book them.  

Sunday evening we went to see Uncle Rob and Uncle George play baseball.  

Nana and Grandpa are always good for some ice cream.

Monday night we went to see a local community theater group put on Charlotte's Web.  Sara did a really good job.  She clapped and laughed with everyone else.  (She thinks that the chairs are just for decoration but she stays in her spot in front of her seat.)  She really wanted go on stage and dance with the cast at the end.  I was so happy when the goose came and danced with her as the cast was leaving.  

None of the fun things we wanted to do were open early in the week so we ended up killing some time at the mall.  She didn't want any help with her lunch.  She's so independent!!  It takes her absolutely forever to eat, though.  She usually does her best eating in the car on the way home.

On Wednesday we went to Hidden Valley Animal Adventure.  (It was fun to do something I haven't done before.)   
She wasn't scared of the big animals at all.  
The petting zoo was another story.  I ended up carrying her through most of it.  
If there is music, she has to dance--even if you happen to be in the middle of a restaurant.

On Thursday, Sara got to hang out with her cousins at the Strong Museum of Play.  
Grace tried to show Sara all her favorite spots.  Sara really prefers to explore on her own terms.  
Her first carousel ride.  She loved it.  She giggled the entire time.  Too bad she wouldn't let mom touch the horse!

On Friday, we went to The Sandbox to play with our friend Claudia and her mommy.  
The girls both loved it but tended to keep a safe distance between each other.
I've been on a mission to get a good pic of the two since they met in Bogota.  I don't think it's ever going to happen.  Maybe when they are 10.

My Dad's company was holding a Kids N Calves photo contest.  We thought we could get a pretty good picture of Sara so we set off to a farm that had a red holstein calf.  She was really excited until she actually got near the calves.  Then, we learned how fast she can run.  (Maybe we don't need all those PT minutes after all!)  
This ended up being the best picture we could get after a lot of coaxing.  We entered it anyway with a little blurb about her story.  I found out today that we were one of the winners!  (I kind of think everyone won.)  

Saturday was my little brother's graduation.  I cannot believe that he is 18 and a high school graduate!  I am so glad I was there to see him walk across the stage.  (He pretended he didn't care but we all know the truth.)  
I don't even want to think about this!  I can't even bring myself to send her to kindergarten.  I may never let her graduate.

Sunday morning brought another early morning flight back home.  Sara travels really, really well.  However, traveling alone with her confirms my decision to keep to one kid right now.  I struggle to manage a stroller and a suitcase.  (And she will be staying in the stroller for some time.  The TSA people in the stroller/wheelchair line are so much nicer than the other lines!)

Now it's time to unpack and do laundry so we can be ready for our next adventure.  Summer vacation is exhausting!


  1. So glad we got to spend that busy week with you two! You didn't mention that she dumped that big red cup of animal food on the first animal we came to at Hidden Valley!

  2. Umm - her Tia came to see her.