Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Slight Change of Plans

There is a slight change of plans with the travel..  The adoption house (orphanage) where Sara lives lost their license.  (I really have no idea why.)  They are being taken over by social services.  While they are not taking any new applications, I've been assured that Sara's adoption is not in jeopardy.  On the contrary, I've been told that social services is aware of the situation and excited about the adoption.  The staff at the orphanage are all the same---except the director.

The new director (from social services) starts after the Christmas break on January 14th.  So, I will travel on the 13th and be her first appointment on Monday morning the 14th.  I will meet my little girl on Monday, January 14th---which just happens to be her cousin's birthday.

I'm hoping that this is the last change and the last delay.

Please continue to pray for the end of the strike.  There are currently 62 families stuck in limbo in Colombia---6 of those are American.  I'm so glad to not be one of those families!  I cannot imagine the stress and cost of being stuck there wondering when it all will end.  It's hard enough to wait from here!

I'm trying to wait until the strike ends to book my plane tickets but it's a balancing act.  I don't want to wait too long so they cost more money but I also don't want to buy a ticket and then have to pay change fees on both ends.

I cannot wait until the day that I land back in Chicago with my daughter.  In that moment, it will all be worth it.  


  1. I bet you have had your fill of rollercoaster rides :) Looking forward to January!