Sunday, November 25, 2012

Adoption Everywhere

Adoption is every where in my life right now!

As a senior in high school, I wrote my thesis in support of International and Interracial Adoption.  I'm not really sure where I came up with that idea.  I had one friend in high school that was adopted internationally.  My brothers were adopted but their adoptions weren't international or interracial.   I probably knew more people that were adopted but it wasn't really an open discussion when I was younger.  People just didn't talk about it.

Now, I feel like adoption is everywhere.  Maybe it's just me but I don't think so.  Outside of the people I've met through this process, I know a lot of people adopting.  I have a friend from summer camp that adopted from India.  (I followed her blog when she adopted about 2 years ago and had no idea what she was talking about!)  A young woman I used to babysit for is adopting through foster care.  I can't even count the number of people I met in Mexico that are now adopting--some are still there and some are now back at home.  A coworker is getting her foster care license to adopt.  A college friend has started the process to adopt from Africa.  A little girl in my church was adopted from Africa.

I won't begin to claim to know their motivations or reasons for adopting but I am inspired by each and every one of them.  I love that they are choosing to building their families this way and that adoption is not a taboo thing any more.  Adoption isn't just for families that can't have children.  It's not a secret shame.

Adoption is out in the open and it is every where!  


  1. Great little post :) It never says anywhere that only infertile couples should "care for the orphans"... for whatever reason, often times it seems that adoption is a "last resort" when people can't have a bio kid. That isn't fair to any adopted child to be a "last resort". Thankfully, in the adoption community that I've been involved in, every child is desperately wanted by their adoptive parents. Often times families already have some bio kids. Some couples don't have any bio kids, but they desperately want their kids as well. I believe all orphans are worth being "first pick", equally desired with any bio kid, and worthy of just as much love as a bio kid. There should be no borders as to where to adopt from, or who is worthy of adoption. Jesus died for everyone, and adopts us. The original man and woman, Adam and Eve, came with all the DNA for the whole human race. So guess what, any color/ethnicity child is worthy of adoption too :) Anyway, my 2 cents LOL I am glad adoption is getting more popular. Unfortunately, I have met some of the opposition, and "taboo". But I believe it is because Satan does not want orphans rescued. So we push forward and do what is mandated in the Bible :) Glad to have met you, I love my RR friends! :) ~Susan R.

    1. The kids are definitely the ones that benefit from open-ness. If it's not taboo, parents can discuss it with their children. They are chosen. No more of this crazy stuff where you sit your child down at 18 and tell them they're adopted or where they find out accidentally as an adult.