Monday, April 9, 2012

Letters to My Daugher - April 2012


I can't believe I've been in this crazy process for over 2 months! In some ways, I feel like this has just started. In other ways, I feel like I've been working to get you home forever.

Last week was a big one--I was on spring break and spent most of it in NY with your Nana, Grandpa, and Uncles. It was also Easter and my birthday--see, I told you it was a big week. This made me think tons about how life will be different when you come home. Traveling will be harder but it will be so fun to see you experience so many new things. It also made me think a lot about our little family and what kind of traditions I want to have for birthdays, holidays, vacations. I really, really, really hope we are together for your birthday. I'd love for us to be home by then but I'll be happy if we are together.

I can't wait for you to meet your cousin Grace. Every time I saw her this week, I could see the two of you playing together. I hope that you will be close as you grow up--despite the distance.

I've discovered I don't really know anything about the country you come from. I got a bunch of kids books from the library and I'm learning a little bit slowly. My next step is to go on the internet and look for local resources. I'm pretty sure there are restaurants, festivals, and parades for every country in Chicago.

Nana, Aunt Amy, and I registered this week for all the things you'll need when you come home. I loved picking out things for you. I just wish I could afford them on my own. You will soon learn that your Mommy doesn't like to ask for help. It's hard for me and I don't enjoy it---at all! However, I certainly can't make it through this adoption process on my own so I'm learning to ask for help and let other people do things for me---and buy things for you. I wish you could see and meet all the people that are working so hard for you to come home and are so excited about every step in this process. You are VERY loved!

I've started thinking about what you will call all my friends--who are soon to be your friends. I don't feel like we are old enough to go by Mr. or Ms. Last Name. (Somehow, we aren't as old as our parents were when we were little.) There are a few people outside your actual aunts and uncles that will be Tia or Aunt. Other than that, I guess we'll go with Mr or Miss First Name. I'm not sure why this has consumed so much of my thoughts but it has.

You now have an offer to teach you all about American food and sports. The most important thing you need to know about American sports is that we love the Red Sox--whether they love us or not.

Well, little girl, I got another packet of paper work in the mail today. The sooner I get it done, the sooner you will be home!

Te amo, mija,
Tu Mami


  1. Can't wait to meet my sweet grandchild and see you in action as a mother - you've always been so good with your siblings that I know you will be a great Mommy. Love you!

  2. Natalie.... I love the paragraph about what Sara will call your friends! It's something that consumed my thoughts a lot as well when I was awaiting Clara's arrival! And it still makes me feel weird... some of my friends want to be Mr. or Mrs. last name, but personally I don't like it... if your mom or dad is my friend, I hope you will call me Mrs. Becky or Aunt Becky if I'm really close friends with your parent(s). So yeah, that's my 2 cents! :) Can't wait to meet little Sara! So excited for you and this adventure you are on!