Friday, February 24, 2012

Time flies....when you're doing paperwork.

I talked to my adoption agency yesterday. They said that I was their "guinea pig" for this orphanage in Latin America. The director of the orphanage is willing to move this adoption through as quickly as possible. Originally, the adoption agency thought 6 months wasn't really a realistic expectation. They were thinking closer to 8. The orphanage director says it will be done in 4 months! That's crazy! That means I could be traveling in late June/early July to pick up Sara. It's amazing to me how fast this entire process is going. When I first started researching international adoption, I found that most take about 18 months. So, I was thinking I would have a child NEXT summer, not early THIS summer. I'm very excited and really hope to have Sara back in the states for her 4th birthday in August.

There is a downside to the speed, though. I had hoped to teach summer school this year to earn some extra money to help cover the crazy expenses associated with the adoption. My boss has said I can work until I'm ready to leave but it probably won't be the whole summer session. So, I now have less time to raise money and more money to raise. I know that God will provide, one way or another. BUT, I'm a planner and a numbers person. I want to be able to see it all on paper now. After all these years, you'd think I'd know by now that God doesn't always work that way.

I have a few ways you can help!

1. Pray. God is going to provide this money. The most important thing any of us can do is pray.

2. I have set up an on-line coffee sale as a fundraiser. I'm not a coffee drinker but so many of my friends and families are. I got a large percentage of each sale. This money comes directly to me and can help off-set travel expenses and things like the home study. That link is here:

Coffee Sale!

3. You can make a donation to Reece's Rainbow in Sara's name. This money will be given directly to the adoption agency to cover those expenses. 100% of the money donated there goes to bring Sara home. You can do that here:

Adoption Costs

4. You can share either or both of these links on your blog, facebook, or email list.

Thank you to all of you for your overwhelming support and excitement. I can't wait to introduce Sara to each of you.


  1. She is tooo cuteI I am SO happy to see her coming home! I have been praying for your Sara whenever I see her sweet face on RR (which is quite often since I am ALWAYS on that site! :)