Friday, February 17, 2012


I would like to introduce you to Sara, my daughter. She is 3 years old and living in Latin America. I'm hoping she will be coming home this summer to meet all her friends and family.

I'm not usually one to ask for help but many of you have asked how you can help. So, here it is. I'm quickly learning this is a long and tedious process that I won't make it through without all of your help and support. (I've been completely overwhelmed by how excited and supportive everyone has been so far!)

1. Prayer. I need lots and lots of prayer and so does Sara. I hate having her so far away and I just want all this paperwork to be done. Pray that the process will go smoothly and that she will be healthy, happy, and safe while she waits for her new family. Also, pray for the finances involved in adoption. I'm pursuing all the avenues I can find--fund raising, donations, grants. Pray that God will continue to provide.

2. International Adoption is incredibly expensive. There are some major costs and lots of "little" costs. If you would like to contribute to the major costs, you can make a tax-deductible gift to Reece's Rainbow using this link.

3. I also want to let all of you know that I'm available for babysitting, tutoring, anything to earn some extra money. I'm responsible for a lot of small expenses like fingerprinting, birth certificates, my travel, etc. These things add up. Please continue to follow along with the story on here. I will continue to update as things progress. Also, you can read my profile on Reece's Rainbow.

Please feel free to pass along that link or the one to the blog. I will take all the prayer and encouragement I can get!


  1. I am so happy for you. It's so encouraging for me to see another single woman follow God and Adopt. Let go and let GOD. She is beautiful and truly a blessing!! I am looking forward so see what God has in store for you and your daughter=)

  2. Thanks, Debbie! I thought people would be skeptical about the "single" part but almost everyone has been very supportive.

  3. You will be so blessed by her and she is blessed to have you. My son Blake is almost two and was blessed with an extra chromosome as well. He has brought such joy to our family. I visit the Reece's Rainbow site often and fell in love with her picture several months ago. She reminds me of a girl version of Blake. Strangely she looks a lot like him. I am so excited to see that she will have a wonderful home. I will be praying for both of you. I hope the rest of your process goes smoothly and she will soon be home with you.