Monday, October 6, 2014

From Unwanted to Wanted

My new friend Priscilla has started the Ribbon Box Project.  You can read the original story here on her blog.  The general idea is that someone gave Priscilla a box of ribbon.  The woman wanted to help her with her adoption but didn't have money.  Rather than just give up, she gave what she had.  A box of ribbon.

Priscilla has turned this into the Ribbon Box Project.  She's going to document every dollar that comes in from that box of ribbon so she can show this precious woman how much she really did give.  Above and beyond that, she is going to use these ribbons and other donated supplies, to make bows for other adopting families.  Priscilla is adopting.  She doesn't have cash to help other families.  But with donated items, she'll do what she can!

So here is where you come in.  I'd like to replicate her project with yarn.  (I wouldn't have a clue what to do with ribbon.)  If you or someone you know have yarn sitting around the house that you're never going to use or you just don't want, please send it my way.  If you are local, we can figure out a good time for me to pick it up.  If you aren't local, you can message me on my knitting page and I'll give you my address.  For the cost of shipping, you could help a child be united with their forever family!

I will take the yarn and make something new, usable, wanted.  These items will then have their own album on my knitting page.  They will be available at no cost to families who are adopting and fund raising.  They can use them for auctions, give-aways, or whatever they want.  The cost of the shipping of the finished products will be my donation.

By taking something unwanted, and giving it away, you can help a child who is very much wanted!

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