Saturday, September 27, 2014

Angel Tree - Kimberley - Year 2

I'm not going to lie, I'm sad to be advocating and fund raising for Kimberley again this year.  I wasn't going to do the Angel Tree project again this year (I'm pretty busy with my own little munchkin, Avon sales, knitting, and 5/5/5 for families) but I just can't let this little girl down.  She needs someone to gush over her progress and take before and after pictures.  She needs a Christmas stocking and gifts.  She needs LOVE!  She NEEDS and DESERVES a family.  

I'll be working hard this Christmas season to raise money for her grant.  I hope that people will help by ordering items and sharing fund raisers.  More importantly, though, I'd love for my friends, family, and followers to SHARE HER!   She needs to be seen.  She needs to be loved and cherished.  

As you probably know, I found my daughter through an organization called Reece's Rainbow.  Each year at Christmas time, they have a huge Angel Tree project with a goal of raising $1,000 for hundreds of children on their site.  This money is held in a grant and then used to help pay for that child's adoption when a family is found.  (Sara had $0 in her grant when I committed to her.  $1,000 would have been a huge blessing!)  

Again this year, I have signed up to raise money and awareness for Kimberley.

She is an adorable 7-year-old in a country that I love in Latin America.  The country has a very small international adoption program.  For a long time, the country leaders felt that kids with Down syndrome were unadoptable.  Some brave families have worked very hard to change that perception.  Wouldn't it be great if Kimberley was the next one to show them that kids with Down syndrome are wanted by families?

I'm working on a virtual craft/vendor fair that will raise money for Kimberley, for my friend Emily's AT child, and for the school where I work.  This fund raiser has the potential to be huge.

I'm also thinking about ways to raise the rest of the money.  Just in case the local fund raiser isn't as epic as I'm planning.  

*All orders from my Scarves and Skirts for Sara page will benefit Kimberley during the months of October, November, and December.  It's not too early to think about special orders for Christmas!  I've found some great Christmas ruffle fabrics for really fun scarves.  

*10% of all AVON orders from my Avon site will benefit Kimberley during the months of October and November 20% of all sales from AVON will go to Kimberley during December.  (I am part of the Virtual Craft Fair that benefits the IDSC during October and November so they get 10% of all orders as well.)

*I will have some items in a large group auction that will benefit multiple children in November.  (I'll post the link as soon as I have it.)  

If you would like to help in any way, please let me know!  If you are interested in helping your own child this Christmas season, you can check out the Angel Tree page on Reece's Rainbow.

*Anyone who makes a donation of $35 or more to any child on the Angel Tree will receive an adorable ornament with the child's picture.  What a great gift for those people on your list who have everything!

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