Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Happenings

I know that I owe my few loyal readers a real update.  Someday maybe I'll have time to sit down and write one.  I promise that the lack of updates are simply because we are crazy busy.  Sara is doing amazingly well (except for her current cold/ear infection/fever/general miserableness).

Here are some Easter pics to enjoy.  I'll throw some in from last at the end so you can see how much she's grown and changed in a year.

Unfortunately, we spent a good chunk of Saturday at the pediatrician's office.  The official diagnosis is an ear infection but I'm convinced there is more to it.  She's still running a fever and coughing.  Now the poor dear is starting to lose her voice.

She must have dyed eggs at school this year because she was definitely familiar with the process.  You could tell she wanted to enjoy it but just didn't feel well.  

This is what happened when we tried to dye eggs last year.  

She got a great Easter basket from our friend Jenny again this year.  Jenny picked great, thoughtful gifts for Sara that she, of course, loves.  It's so fun to open gifts with her.  She slowly opens each present and gets so excited over every single one.  She seemed confused that I didn't have any gifts so she gave me one of hers for each one she opened for herself.   She is genuinely surprised that all of these things are for her.  Me?  

She loved finding the eggs we dyed.  Her "hunting" skills have improved greatly in the last year.  I guess my hiding skills will have to be better next year.  

Since she isn't contagious anymore, we managed to get ourselves dressed up and headed to church.  (Pretty much all we've done this weekend.)  I can't believe how grown up she is getting.  

Last year's Easter outfit.  

Happy Easter from the Keller Family!  May your truly understand what Easter is all about---God's plan to save, redeem, and adopt us!  

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