Monday, January 30, 2012

Let the paper trail begin....

I'm spending tonight on paperwork. I have two applications in front of me. One is for the social service agency in Illinois that will be completing my home study. The other is for the adoption agency in California that will be facilitating the adoption. I'm determined to complete every form and piece of paper soon as I get it. I don't want anything to delay this process. I know there will be enough things that I can't control. This, I can.

I'm very overwhelmed by the response of all the great people in my life. I've had offers of a "Toddler Shower," financial support, prayer support, gifts, visits while I'm in the other country, free babysitting, help decorating her room--so many things from so many people. I love that everyone around me is as excited about my daughter as I am. I knew that people would love her once she got here but I'm honored that people are so excited about someone they haven't even seen a picture of. I've gotten a little more information about my daughter. I can't wait until some of this paperwork is done so I can "officially commit" to her and start sharing information and a picture with all of you.

Please continue to keep my daughter and I in your prayers. Pray that the paperwork will fly through the system quickly and smoothly. Pray for her health and safety as she is so far away.


  1. What a lucky little girl she will be to share her life with you, Natalie!

  2. Wow, wow, wow, Natalie! This is amazing!