Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Here is a blog I tried to post from my phone on Friday. Guess it didn't work. (More to come later....when I fully wake up.)

When working with kids with special needs in Mexico, it's always hard to get a hold of diapers. So, when my mom mentioned that she was getting diapers that don't fit my brother, I gladly offered to take some off her hands. Each of the three people on the trip are checking a box of diapers along with their luggage. (Got ta love 2 free bags on Southwest!)

When I was checking in, the lady asked what was in the bag. I confidently told her diapers. She lowered her voice greatly and told me she was really sorry. She must have thought they were mine and that I had just revealed my deepest, darkest secret! I quickly explained that I was going to Mexico to work with kids with special needs. This elicited all the comments that I hated about what a wonderful person I must be. Nope. Just love my job!

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