Thursday, July 21, 2011

Leaving Again Tomorrow

It's hard to believe but I'm headed back to Mexico early tomorrow morning. I work for a Christian, special education school that is starting to get into international missions. They were looking to send a couple of people to Ensenada, Baja, Mexico to check out four small programs that are working with children with special needs in the area. The goal of the trip is to see what the school can do to support these ministries and how the school can help these ministries work together and support themselves.

When the "powers that be" found out that I used to live in Baja, that I speak Spanish, and that I was familiar with one of the ministries involved, they asked if I'd like to go along. I never say no to a trip--especially one that comes with free airfare--so I quickly agreed to go. I changed my ticket to return a few days after the rest of the group so I can go to Vicente Guerrero to visit friends and the children I used to work with. There was no way I was going all the way to Ensenada and not to the mission!

I'm excited to see these ministries and to see what God is doing in Maneadero. I'm also super-excited to see these two adorable little boys again.

The trip should be pretty interesting. The people I am traveling with are very nervous about going to Mexico and even more nervous about leaving me alone in such a scary place! They hate the idea of me taking the bus to VG by myself. Maybe I'll wait until I get back to tell them all my travel stories.....

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