Thursday, October 26, 2017


I was talking to my mom tonight about my plans to raise $1,000 for Lianne’s adoption grant.

She asked if I really had time for all of this.

The truth is—-I don’t. My house is a mess. My grad school work gets done the day it’s due. There is laundry piled everywhere. I’m tired.

But then I think about Santiago being home and already growing with his family. And Josie. And Adriana. And other kids that I’ve posted or fund raised for or helped their families. And I can’t stop.

Kids need families.

I’m beginning to think another kid isn’t in the cards for me so I have to help any way I can.

No. I don’t have time to knit or create fund raisers or write blog posts or make sugar scrub.

But these kids don’t have the luxury of time either. They need homes  and they need them now.

So in between work and Sara’s activities and grad school, I’ll find the time to do what I can. I’ll share fund raisers and scour Pinterest for new ideas. I’ll knit while I read for school. I’ll do whatever I can.

My house will just have to stay messy for a while longer.

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