Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas, Mija!

I've known for a while that this Christmas would be bittersweet.  I really thought my little girl would be home.  Obviously, she's not.  For a while, I considered just skipping Christmas all together.

She has still been very well celebrated.  She received gifts--something that she probably hasn't experienced much in her life.  Even though she doesn't know how loved she is, I am touched and honored by how cherished she is.  I have the most amazing friends and family that continue to overwhelm me with their generosity and support.

I love knowing my baby is opening a gift today from me--her mom.  I'm not even sure if she knows what a mom is or who am I or how much her life is about to change.  Regardless, knowing that she is opening a teddy bear today that will allow her to hear my voice brings me immense amounts of joy mixed with a little sadness.  My baby is celebrating her last Christmas without a family.

Mommy's Coming Mija!  Just 3 more weeks!

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