Monday, October 7, 2019

Christmas Campaign for Bailey!

Reece's Rainbow's Christmas Campaign is back.  Andre and AJ are home and thriving.  Now it's time to find a family for Bailey!

So, meet Bailey.  There isn't very much information given about her.  He's 6 or 7 and in Latin America.  Bailey is a beautiful little girl! She attends kindergarten. Bailey is potty trained and is beginning to learn other self care skills, but she relies heavily on her caretakers for her daily needs. Bailey also has a congenital heart defect, which was repaired in 2017. 

There is a video of her.  I can tell you that she is amazing and so deserving.  

Check back often for fund raisers as we get into November and December.  The goal is $1,000 and I'll need lots of help and support to get there!

Just a note---I start fund raising in October but only donations made during November and December will count toward the $1,000 goal.  I'll start fund raising now and holding on to the money until November 1st.  If you would like to make a straight up donation, please wait until November 1st!

Current Fund Raisers:
*Map Ornaments.  Customizable.  $3 each plus shipping.

*Scarves and Skirts for Sara.  Hand knit items.  50% of each purchase from now until January 1st will go to Bailey's grant.

*Plexus.  All of my new commission earned from September through December will go to Bailey's grant.  I love my Plexus products and the benefits I get from them.  Feel free to ask questions!

*Ornament Sale.  Make a donation to Bailey's account of $20 or more and Reece's Rainbow will send you a Christmas ornament with his picture on it.  November 1 - December 31.

*Color Street.  All commissions from this link will go to Bailey during October, November, and December.  If you're new to Color Street, join my facebook group to learn more.

Upcoming Fund Raisers:
*Online Auction.  October 20-November 1st.  

*Dress Down Day at Batavia High School - November 22nd. 

Past Fund Raisers:

If you are looking to purchase any gifts this Christmas season, I encourage you to join the Miracle of Adoption Christmas Campaign Virtual Vendor/Craft Fair.  You will find all of your usual sellers (Tupperware, Avon, LuLaRoe, etc) while also finding crafters with one of a kind gifts and many who will take special orders just for you!  Let's help more kids find families instead of supporting corporations and big box stores!

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